Update Your Facebook Status Via iPhone 4S [With Review]

The update via iPhone 4S is really a new way to get involved in the world of iPhones.This via has included with a 44 Thousand rupee phone which no one likes to buy.The reason is not that it is bad in it`s range but the range that iPhone is costing.It`s is the rate of the  half Nano in India because this much cost can make you buy a half Nano approx.
.Lets have some review of the gadget before You Get The Via

Brand:The brand of apple is known for it`s superb phones.This iPhone 4S is also another smartphone from the apple limited.

iPhone 4S screenshot for facebook
  • The iPhone is having many new features which everyone want to buy but it`s cost come in way for all the fans.
  • It`s having a 8 MP camera with Dual core A-5 Chip  for the better functioning.
  • The iPhone offers you to record a 1080p amazing high definition video.
  • The iPhone 4S is having a finger-protecting coating that will preserve your phone for long time.
  • The Camera of iPhone 4s is having  a 8 MP approx ability.You can store a 1080p Video that`s a huge amount in mobile segment.
Display Of iPhone 4S:
  • The Screen Resolution:The iPhone is having a screen resolution of the 960*699 pixels
  • The contrast ratio is also worth buying because it`s having a 800:1 contrast ratio which is one in it`s kind.
Battery Backup:
  • The battery backup of the iPhone 4S is really worth buying.
  • It support a talktime of 8 hours on 3G and 14 hours on 2G.
  • You can use internet for 6 hours in 3G and 9 hours in 2G
The iPhone 4S is a revolutionary phone of it`s kind till now.Apple is the best company manufacturing the awesome and unmatched phones for the users.Steve Jobs is the “Man Of Thoughts”.Though he is not with us now.But he has setup of the Apple Inc. for the next 15 years from now before his death.The iPhone 4S is having a RAM of 512 MB and along with that you are getting a high storage capacity of 64 GB.This iPhone is really a superb option for the person who have lot of money to burn.Unlike Samsung Galaxy ,apple has not become so famous in many countries because of it`s prize.The OS is also very easy for the users to use it.

The Siri features are being improved by iPhone 4S now.The voice recognition features make the Siri very known topic today.Siri require a 3G connection or a Wifi connection to work.The iOS 5 have no features for the offline users.The simple voice commands are also require a connection to internet.
The Camera features are also improved in iPhone 4S now unlike the old iPhone 4.It`s having a sensor on the backside for sensitivity which is literally improved from the iPhone 4.

Now You can use this via in two parts.From the First link you will be updating via “Iphone 4S” and another is via “Apple iPhone 4S” choose the appropriate and comment.
Click Here To Update via iPhone 4S

Click To Update via Apple iPhone 4S

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